Canberrans with a shared vision

Greater Canberra is a community advocacy group committed to affordable and high-quality housing in Canberra.

Our members are a mix of renters and homeowners, at different stages of life and levels of wealth, and come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. What unites us is our commitment to the vision that by improving our housing policy and planning rules, we can make Canberra a more affordable, liveable, and sustainable city.

We’re not a partisan group - our members come from many political parties, and we’ll work with anyone in politics committed to improving our housing situation.

We have an open structure - anyone concerned with the state of housing in Canberra is welcome to join our community, contribute to the conversation, and help out with our campaigns and projects.

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Our team

Greater Canberra has an open structure, and all members participate in our campaigns and projects. Our Committee help keep the lights on.

  • Howard Maclean

    Convener and spokesperson

    Howard Maclean
  • Andrew Donnellan


    Andrew Donnellan
  • Matt Bowes

    Matt Bowes
  • Eben Leifer

    Deputy Convenor

    Eben Leifer
  • Aymon Wuolanne

    Aymon Wuolanne
  • Siang Jin Law

    Siang Jin Law
  • Ed Smyth


    Ed Smyth
  • Kai Clark

    Kai Clark
  • Lucy Gramenz

    Lucy Gramenz

Our partners

Greater Canberra is proud to partner with other organisations that are pursuing more liveable, sustainable and affordable cities.

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Greater Canberra rules

Rules (PDF 130 KB) | Rules (DOCX 36.8 KB)

Statement of Objects

Statement of Objects (PDF 60.8 KB) | Statement of Objects (DOCX 211 KB)